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Fabrics for your Emergency and Medical Needs

Medical Mattresses, Emergency Triage Tents, Cleanrooms,
Curtains, & More!
Fabrics Available Now –
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 DAF Products – Lamination and Coating Specialists

 - Reinforced vinyl – laminated or coated
            -  PVC, polyurethane, acrylic, rubber blends
            -  Polyester, fiberglass, nylon
            -  Stretch knits

            -  Widths from ½” to 198”
            -  Weights from .7 to 80 oz

            -  Custom fabrication
            -  Custom slitting and packaging
            -  Domestic and Imported
            -  Warehouses across the USA

 Why Choose DAF Products?

            -  Professional lamination and coating
            -  High quality manufacturing
            -  Customer designed inventory programs
            -  Products to meet your specifications
            -  Well-stocked inventory for immediate delivery
            -  Pricing consistent with the markets we serve
            -  Fast, courteous customer service.

 DAF delivers!